Elastocon AB

Информация о торгах полимерными материалами

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    Elastocon AB

    Tvinnargatan 25


    +46 33 2256-30

    Elastocon manufactures and sells testing instruments for material features in rubber and plastic materials. We have customers in approximately 70 countries around the world and work with agents and distributors in approximately 40 countries. In addition for the Nordic market, we are agents for several well known manufacturers of testing equipment for plastic, rubber, metal, textile, paint etc. Elastocon offer instruments for existing test methods and also develop instruments for new test methods. Some example of manufactured instruments from Elastocon: Ageing ovens, Stress Relaxation systems, Creep tests, different Low Temperature Tests, Hot Set Test for the cable industry as well as Sample Preparation equipment. Our objective is to offer instruments with high precision, which gives accurate results. Elastocon can offer the following: - Test-equipment for high precision - Accredited Calibration - Test on Commission & Consultancy The total range of instruments includes our own developed instruments as well as instruments from several worldwide market leading instrument manufacturers.



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